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Technology, interaction, variety: What Millenials look for in a benefits package

Millenials are thinking differently about their company’s benefit packages. Understanding what this growing generation in the workforce is looking for could help with your company’s recruiting efforts.

A Millenial is someone born after 1980 and the first generation to come of age in the millennium. Pew Research reports this group will number 75 million this year. That’s greater than Generation X and Baby Boomers.

But not all Millenials in the workforce are signing up for a benefits package. The Society for Human Resources Management found that just under half of all Millenials consider their overall benefits package to be very important.

Those that find the benefit package important are likely to offer up these answers when asked about employee benefits, according to benefitspro.com.

“I want choice and variety.”

Millennials are accustomed to having access to what they want when they want, especially when it comes to information. They want choices and are often offended by a one-size-fits-all approach. Overall, they look for a well-rounded array of benefits, which may mean that a mix of employer-paid products with supplemental and voluntary products will play an increasingly important role for many employers.

“I want customization and control.”

Personalization is highly important to millennials. When they’re offered benefits, they expect those benefits to be tailored to their needs. And, they want control over how they spend their money. While giving them plenty of options puts them in the driver’s seat, too many options may paralyze them. Try to strike a healthy balance by considering a choice of plan designs within a product category, or perhaps core/buy-up options.

“I want true simplicity.”

Employee benefits shouldn’t be complicated, and communication is the key. Millennials are looking for simple, clear, easy-to-follow steps, which includes systems that are easy to use. It will be to your advantage to recommend working with a carrier who embraces simplicity and offers varying enrollment strategies. This gives you flexibility in recommending the one that’s likely to be most effective.

“I want interaction and collaboration.”

Social is the name of the game for the millennial generation. Peer networks play a huge role in decision-making. Employers would be wise to offer ways their employees can interact and network to get information. Blogs are an important way millennials build trust, gather information and connect. Promote them with your clients. They work.

“I want technology, not paper.”

Clearly, the biggest difference between millennials and other generations is their use of technology … and their expectation that technology also be important to others with which they interact. They want to use tools that make benefits easier, such as apps and online portals. And they want alternatives to paper. They trust technology.