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An Introduction

Everyone likes to claim they are different. Over the decades, ClearPath has taken action to prove our difference through each individual client experience. We truly believe in the difference we deliver, and we have the results to back it up.

ClearPath understands that success is not gleaned from just making something look good on paper or in a sales pitch, but rather from a combination of proven tactics and strategic actions that target cost, efficiency, education, productivity, and employee satisfaction with the purpose of restoring control and transparency over the employee benefits and HR processes.

ClearPath is a Partner Firm of United Benefit Advisors

ClearPath is a Partner Firm of United Benefit Advisors

United Benefit Advisors is an alliance of the nation’s premier benefit advisory firms with revenues that place it in the top ten benefit groups in the country.

Through this alliance, ClearPath has access to national contracts and state of the art tools to manage your employee benefit plans. We go beyond standard solutions and deliver the maximum value for your benefit dollar.

Event meeting in Salzburg conference hall, 2017

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Employee Benefits

ClearPath engages in a true partnership; focusing our expertise on customized solutions …

HR Solutions

ClearPath is empowering your staff with HR solutions that make a real difference…


ClearPath takes a consistently proactive not reactive approach to compliance ….

Employee Communication

Communication improves benefits utilization. Amplify the right message, so employees will listen….


ClearPath combines wellness and claims transparency to vitalize your employee population ….

Plan Administration

Alleviate the burden of plan administration leveraging a clear strategy and technology to streamline…


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