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94.7 client referred % Recognized ClearPath has consistently ranked in the top 10 firms of Columbus Business First Referred 94.7% of our business is by client referral to organizations seeking innovative change Reach As a UBA Partner, ClearPath delivers accessible local expertise with national purchasing power 82.9 reduced spend % Control Risk ClearPath assesses your risk and develops a strategy to maintain control of your outcomes Reduce Cost ClearPath targets areas to reduce cost without sacrificing benefit quality or accessibility Identify Opportunities ClearPath delivers innovative solutions to improving benefit quality and accessibility. 56.9 better retention % Compete & Retain Your benefit strategy will have a major impact on your ability to compete with other employers Increase Productivity ClearPath delivers strategies that empower the physical, mental and financial health of employees Improve Utilization ClearPath works to educate and engage employees as cost-conscious benefit consumers 91.0 reduced cost % Improve Efficiency ClearPath strategies improve operational efficiency making your business more effective Manage Compliance ClearPath plans for how your growth strategy may impact decisions and compliance practices Reduce Cost Per Hire ClearPath techniques significantly reduce cost without sacrificing talent or productivity.
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Employee Benefits

Engage to discover innovative benefit strategies with meaningful, tangible results.

Human Resources

ClearPath empowers operational goals with innovative strategies, guidance and talent.


Our on-site experts navigate complex legislative requirements with proactive strategies.

Employee Communication

Amplified educational messaging aimed at creating knowledgeable benefit consumers.


Target your bottom line with top-down strategies to vitalize your employee population.

Benefits Administration

Streamline the administrative burden with proven strategies, processes and technology.

Benchmark Analysis

Attract and retain top talent by understanding how your benefit offering measures up.


Expert guidance and strategies for navigating challenges of medicare-eligible employees.

Transformative change
begins with hello.

A desire for high quality, cost effective benefits shouldn’t be a daunting ask or a frustrating experience. From the moment you engage ClearPath, our investment is in delivering an experience that is refreshing and result-driven.
We take the time to get to know you. Where you have been and what you strive to achieve genuinely matter within our innovative process to develop custom strategies that are tangible to your people and meaningful to your bottom line.