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Your most valuable asset.

Our primary objective.

From compliance and employee relations to more complex strategic challenges,  ClearPath’s  network of strategic partnerships gives you access to the vetted partners, industry-leading technology, and proven HR solutions.

Leveraging strategic partnerships, industry best practices, and an innovative, strategic approach, ClearPath empowers your HR department with the technology, tools, resources, and expertise needed to maintain corporate compliance with both state and federal labor laws and guidelines.

ClearPath partners with employers to understand your vision, your resources, and your challenges to connect you with industry-best resources to build a strong foundation while ensuring you have the reliable human expertise needed to help your organization best utilize, mobilize, and engage a talented workforce.

Relationships are core to all we do. From how we start a conversation with someone to how we interact each day with those we serve, ClearPath recognizes the value of human connection in building trusted, long-lasting partnerships.

Whether your organization employs 8, 80 or 800, ClearPath’s network of strategic partnerships can offer insight and guidance to achieve your business objectives through effective management of your employee talent.

You work hard to empower your employees to be engaged and productive. ClearPath’s Strategic Partners are vetted and ready to provide the proven resources to do it more efficiently and effectively.

ClearPath values the power of people. No organization can accomplish anything without its human capital. We understand this and Empower your organization by leveraging strategic partnerships and vetted solutions.

ClearPath recognizes the value gained by organizations that invest in a team of industry-leading professionals, each with a wide variety of expertise and knowledge to share. We know there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and invest time to determine your needs, assess your goals, and make strategic recommendations to produce outcomes meaningful to you.

ClearPath is confident in our ability to connect you with solutions that align with your specific needs and goals; helping you to empower your organization with an engaged, confident, and compliant workforce.

Goodbye limitations.

Hello network of possibilities.

When you partner with ClearPath, you are partnering with an alliance of the nation’s leading experts on employee benefits, HR solutions, and state-of-the-art technology.

ClearPath expands the thinking around ‘what is possible’ beyond immediate in-house or local resources to provide extraordinary solutions that mitigate costs and improve the lives of your employees.

Experience Clear Difference.

HR eSolutions

From supervisor and employee-based web-training to HR Compliance Risk Assessments to Total Compensation Statements, ClearPath's strategic partnership with HR Service, Inc delivers efficient and reliable local accessibility to HR expertise when you need it most.

ERISA eSolutions

From the Compliance Assessment & Dashboard to Employee Notifications to Employment Law Updates/Reminders and more, ERISA eSolutions ensures you stay consistently informed, prepared and in check with state and federal updates and requirements.