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Josh's sweet spot lies in being an expert in Individual Health & Medicare Sales and is designated as a Chartered Benefit Consultant.

J oshua has over fifteen years of expertise in Individual and Senior Sales, carrying the knowledge and experience that one plan does not fit all into each and every engagement. At ClearPath, he provides detailed individual cost analysis for each customer to place them in the plan that best fits their needs and their budget.

Prior to joining ClearPath, Joshua served as Individual Sales Director of Ohio for eight years at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


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Joshua takes pride in working with each customer to understand their unique needs and budget.
Leveraging the resources and negotiating power of ClearPath, Joshua is able to provide a detailed, customized cost analysis to outline a clear plan that accounts for the circumstances that exist today while addressing and planning for the unique goals you may have for your future.
His experience negotiating directly with underwriters has served his clients well in his current position as Partner/Consultant.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Morehead State University

Designated as a Chartered Benefit Consultant (CBC)


In his free time, you can often find Joshua and his wife traveling from one field or gym to another to watch their three children playing various sports.


Joshua volunteers as a football coach in the fall for Olentangy Youth Athletic Association.

Giving Back

Joshua also enjoys contributing to his community by helping out at local food banks and delivering Meals on Wheels.

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