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Mar 01 2025


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Deadline to File Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Status

Who Does This Impact?
  • Group health plans that provide prescription drug coverage to Part D-eligible individuals
    • Excludes entities that contract with or become part of a Part D plan.
    • Plans approved for RDS with respect to retirees for whom plan is claiming subsidy
Due Date Details

This calendar reminder is based upon a plan year effective 1/1.

Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice must be sent to CMS annually,

  • 60 days after the beginning of plan year, also
  • within 30 days of termination of plan’s prescription drug coverage, or
  • after a change in creditable status of plan.
Filing Requirement(s)?

Filed with CMS through an online form.

Who Gets It?


Get The Details

Written disclosure to CMS stating whether a group health plan’s prescription drug coverage is, on average, at least as good as standard prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D.

Is There a Template Available To Help Me?
Creditable Coverage Disclosure Form (source: CMS)

Entities that are required to provide a disclosure of creditable coverage status to CMS must complete the following online Disclosure to CMS Form. To further assist you in completing this form, this link on the CMS website may help: Disclosure to CMS Guidance and Instructions.

Entities that claim the RDS should not fill out this form for their RDS plan participants. If a plan option has 100 retired beneficiaries and the plan claims RDS for 97 of them, the plan must report 3 non-RDS participants on this form.

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