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Employee Relations: Summer Perks

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The summer is upon us and that means warmer weather, lots of sunshine, and plenty of opportunities to have some fun outdoor activities. It’s too bad that your office job requires you to be indoors all day, or does it?
Many employers are enhancing employee relations by providing much-needed perks during the summertime. This allows workers to enjoy all that the summer months have to offer while still getting their work done. Perks such as flex time, company sports leagues, allowing employees to leave work early, and even company picnics and social events are gaining in popularity.
According to an article in Employee Benefit News titled, “How companies keep employee perks hot during the summer,” besides the obvious benefit for the employee, there are also benefits for the employer. For example, if a company allows employees to leave early on Friday to take advantage of the weekend, then money is saved on the cost of air conditioning and electricity.
Some employers take advantage of their proximity to parks, nature trails, or the beach. One such company even goes so far as to post daily surf reports on their reception desk and many have company volleyball, softball, or biking. Others take a different approach and use the summer to allow their employees to give back to the community. They’re allowed to leave early as long as it’s for charity work or a community-related project. All of these activities are great for team building and getting to know one another outside the office.
For small companies, or those without sizeable budgets, there are still easy and affordable ways to recognize the employee’s value to the company while still taking advantage of the summer. Picnics, ice cream socials, or providing lunch via a bar-b-que or food truck are quick pick-me-ups for employees without taking too much time away from work. Another cost-effective benefit, since kids will be out of school during the summer, is to allow a day when employees can bring their children to work.
There really are a myriad of ideas and options available to employers that want to show their employees that summertime is a chance to kick off your shoes, let down your hair, and have a little fun, yet still remain productive.