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Wellness: There’s Always Time for a Workout

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An often heard excuse for people not exercising is that they don’t have time to do it. We all have time for something, it just depends on whether we want to make time for it. Consider this: If you think you’re too busy to work out, but then an activity comes up you want to do, I’m willing to bet that you’ll find a way to do that activity. But maybe you really are too busy to exercise either before or after work. Are there any options?

Enter the lunchtime workout. Nearly everyone who has a job will take time to eat lunch. Now, suppose you replace some of that time with exercise? See how easy it was to find those precious minutes? If you want to use your real excuse for not wanting to work out, now would be the moment to do it.

If, on the other hand, you’re intrigued with this newfound possibility for self-improvement, read on. An article on The Washington Post’swebsite titled, “How to Actually Get a Good Lunchtime Workout, Even If You Can’t Leave the Office” has some excellent tips on the ways to maximize your fitness routine in a short timeframe.

As with most things, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Are you still going to eat? Are you able to take a shower afterward? Will you want a change of clothing? Make a checklist of everything you think you’ll need. This may include your workout clothes and shoes, a small lunch, fresh underwear or an entire outfit, deodorant, dry shampoo or baby wipes to help freshen up if you’re not able to take a shower, shower supplies if you are able to take one, and bottled water to keep hydrated. If this seems too much, then think about what items you’re able to keep at the office so that you can pack light the other times.

Before you begin your lunchtime workout, you need to consider how much to eat ahead of time. If you’re going to run, or do a high-intensity exercise, then a good breakfast might be the best course of action. If your exercise routine is at a more reasonable pace, then it’s perfectly okay to eat a small lunch or a piece of fruit before you start as long as your body can tolerate it. That way, you’ll have plenty of fuel to burn and maintain blood sugar levels during your workout. When you’re done exercising, a blend of both protein and carbohydrates is ideal.

Now you’re ready to work out! If your office is near a park or trail, then that’s an easy way to get in a quick run. If you’re not near one of those, or it’s too cold or raining outside, then see if there’s a nearby gym. Barring that, bring a small set of dumbbells into your office or go to the stairs and run up and down them for a few intervals. There are numerous free apps available online with a plethora of 30-minute strength, cardio, and other training routines. These will help you tailor your workout for whatever time and equipment is available. All you need is the motivation to start!