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Stick with it!

People who want to get healthy all have good intentions starting out. Wearable technology and apps for smartphones make it even easier to get going. But something happens and most of us become disinterested over time, derailing that train to better health.

An article on the website of Employee Benefit News titled “Health apps widely embraced, but sustained engagement a challenge,” mentioned an online survey that was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, which found that more than two-thirds of respondents said that apps improved their health and they trusted both the accuracy and effectiveness of the app. Furthermore, almost half of the people surveyed said they downloaded at least five apps. Health apps included tracking physical activity, food intake, weight management, and fitness education.

While a majority indicated they used the health apps daily, almost half confessed to no longer using an app they had previously downloaded. In addition, many said that cost, loss of interest, concerns about privacy and data being collected, as well as the sheer amount of data that needed to be entered regularly, prevented them from downloading and using more apps. Researchers suggested that app developers address these concerns as well as validate the health benefits of their apps in order to keep users engaged.

For people with concerns about apps, or those who have just given up on trying to get healthy because it’s too much trouble, consider the alternative. Being unhealthy is far worse and if an app doesn’t provide sufficient motivation, then people should find something that does. Perseverance, not an app, is the key to wellness.