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A way to take your wellness program beyond paper

Target is taking its wellness program a step further and giving its more than 300,000 employees access to a FitBit tracker. And to sweeten the deal, all employees participating in the FitBit Wellness Program will have a chance to earn money for the charity of their choice.

Employees can sign up to get the FitBit Zip ($59.95) for free or pay the difference for a more advanced FitBit.

Amy McDonough, vice president and general manager of Fitbit’s wellness unit, told eWEEK that the deal with Target is one of the largest company-wide wellness arrangements it has made so far.

“The Target announcement was exciting because they are a strategic retail partner for Fitbit products and also a large employer,” McDonough said. “It’s a great example of how these larger organizations are really putting wellness at the forefront.”

Employees who take advantage of the FitBit offer will be grouped into teams for a monthlong challenge. The winning team will get $1 million to funnel into a charity of their choice, Chief Human Resources Officer Jodee Kozlak told CBS News.

Kozlak added that employees will also receive extra discounts on fruits and vegetables, and healthy grab and go snacks will be featured near cash registers.

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