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UH WalkSafe Update: Removing Snow and Ice/Driving Safely While Off-Site

Source: United Heartland

The official start of winter may still be 12 days away but many parts of the country have already gotten a taste of what the season has in store. We hope your customers are staying warm despite the challenges these wintry blasts have brought.

As we continue with our WalkSafe campaign, we wanted to highlight two important areas for your customers: snow and ice removal and traveling safely in winter weather.

We’ve developed snow and ice removal resources for businesses including a sample program, guidelines, checklists, logs, incident reports and contractor guidelines that will enable your customers to create a program for their organization that will help keep their employees safer. These materials are particularly helpful to have as winter weather conditions change and your customers need to be proactive in keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

If your customer has employees that drive regularly as part of their jobs or work off premises, we also provide tips on how to drive defensively, how to prepare vehicles for tough winter conditions, as well as how to best tackle off-premise work. We’ve made several tools available on these topics, as well as posters and table tents your customers can post in their workplaces to make employees aware of the campaign and remind them of the importance of winter safety.

We’ve also added two new materials to our WalkSafe campaign – one examines developing a winter safety watch team and the other examines how reducing steps can help to reduce falls. You can find them respectively under the Prepare and Footwear sections of the WalkSafe site.

Be sure to check out our full arsenal of winter weather-related tools, from safety checklists to tips on smart phone apps and alerts, by visiting our WalkSafe site today. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-258-2667 or visit us at UnitedHeartland.com.