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Data Breach Takeaways

Originally posted on October 1, 2014 by Brian Hall on www.employerlawreport.com.
Data breaches — such as those recently at Target, Home Depot, and Jimmy John’s — can result in identity and other theft, but Brian Hall, partner at the law firm Porter Wright, says there are key takeaways from employers.
The takeaways he details in his Employee Benefit News article are:
  1. A company’s workers can be the strongest or weakest link in its data security program, and they can be the key to avoid related lawsuits.
  2. HR departments are at greater risk than ever of being targets of data breaches, especially as employers begin to embrace big data for employee selection and placement.
  3. Data breaches extend beyond computer hacking. Sloppy policies or poor enforcement of policies relating to laptops, mobile devices and portable media also contribute to breaches.

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