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Why more roads in Wisconsin will smell like cheese this winter

Originally posted on https://now.msn.com

Wisconsin is mining its natural resources to keep citizens safe on the roads in the winter, even though this particular resource — cheese brine — does come with its own “distinctive odor.” Brine is a liquid byproduct of cheese, and it costs cheese-makers thousands of dollars every year to dispose of it. Several years ago, a rural highway employee named Emil Norby thought the salty brine might make a great substitute for the rock salt and sand used to treat icy roads, and it worked. In that year, Polk County saved $30,000 on cheese brine disposal costs and $40,000 on rock salt. Milwaukee is planning to try the brine solution this winter, and if it’s successful, it will be the biggest city ever to use cheese brine as a de-icer. Wooo! Regarding the scent, it’s probably best to take a page from Norby’s book and be philosophical about it. “I don’t really mind it,” he told Modern Farmer. “Our roads smell like Wisconsin!” [Source]