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Network of Employers for Traffic Safety focuses on mind, body, and vehicle to promote safe driving

Originally posted August 14, 2013 by Anthony Foxx on https://www.dot.gov

Every October, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) hosts Drive Safely Work Week, an annual reminder for businesses and organizations to help their employees focus on safe driving.

This year, Drive Safely Work Week will run from October 7 – 11.  But employers can get a jump start on safety today by downloading this year’s free campaign toolkit at https://www.trafficsafety.org.

NETS has a long history of success with Drive Safely Work Week, which it has been sponsoring since 1996.  In just the last three years, an average of 3,500 organizations have participated annually, representing 16.5 million employees per year.

The theme for this year’s Drive Safely Work Week is “Gear Up for Save Driving: Mind, Body, Vehicle.”  The campaign takes a holistic approach to safe driving that highlights how being at your physical and mental best–along with the “health” of your vehicle–are all connected in making us safer drivers.

“Driving is a physical task that requires mental focus,” said NETS Chairperson Sandra Lee. “A driver’s mind and body in combination with the vehicle work together as a system. This year’s campaign outlines simple steps that anyone can take to ensure every component of that system is well cared for and that drivers are at their best behind the wheel.”

The toolkit includes activities and reminders for drivers that highlight the importance of:

  • Regular vision screening;
  • Being well-rested and properly fueled before getting behind the wheel;
  • Keeping your vehicle healthy through preventative maintenance; and
  • Making sure your seat and mirrors are positioned to give you the best field of vision and sustained energy.

My thanks go out to NETS for promoting safe driving habits both on and off the job.  Please download your toolkit today and help us make our roads safer for everyone.