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Branding Campaign Update

Original article from United Benefit Advisors

UBA has gone from being the “hunter” to being the “hunted.”

In the past 45 days, media interest in UBA has increase to as many as 7-10 inquiries per week. This is a direct result of the digital strategy to position UBA as thought leaders and knowledge experts. Website traffic has increased dramatically (up 500 percent since the start of the campaign, an average of 17,000 visits per month) and resulted in the media contacting UBA and Partner Firms for interviews opportunities.

Media traction, especially recently, has been very exciting. We have secured more than 250 placements in top publications, reaching nearly 1 million online, print or in-person views. In other publications, we have received, on average, 300,000 views.

In the past five weeks alone, UBA has received five-plus interview opportunities for articles per week, many of those including Partner Firms. A few of these include: the LBL Group, HORAN, Russ Blakely, Cornerstone, Mountain West, Swartz Insurance Group. Mesirow Financial, Borislow Insurance, the Bagnall Company, Connelly, Carlisle, Fields & Nichols, Dwight Andrus and others.Here are a few other facts about our website using Google and HubSpot analytics:

  • The website traffic number for February, March, and April 2013 averaged 17,000 visits respectively. At our one-year milestone we will reach 150,000 visits. UBA’s marketing grade ranges from 81-86, catching up to Willis and Mercer and surpassing Lockton, Marsh McClennan, Brown and Brown, NFP, Gallagher, USI  and even AON. Marketing Grade is HubSpot’s ranking system for scoring websites based on how a site engages traffic with content, number of inbound links, indexed pages and  traffic: 20,000-plus blog views.
  • 1,250 social media posts
  • More than 2,000 contact forms
  • UBA’s Mozilla rank (which is a very difficult-to-move, highly respected website ranking system reflecting link authority and popularity) went from 5.1 to 5.6-5.7, which is on par with or exceeds Willis, Lockton, Brown and Brown, NFP or Gallagher.
  • Gallagher, Willis and Lockton are excelling at Facebook and Twitter, so efforts to leverage Partners to “like” and “retweet” UBA should be prioritized. Similarly, UBA will reciprocate with Partners.
You can view the detailed monthly report on the PR campaign page HERE, and download the PR Campaign results document HERE.