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How Employees Can Help Reduce Workers Comp Costs

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As productive members of your workforce, employees must participate in your Workers’ Comp Claims Management Program and communicate.

Here are some things you might want to require:

  1. Accidents must be reported immediately after an injury.
  2.  Injured employees must bring your injury treatment form to the doctor who treats them.
  3.  Have their doctor fax this form to the workplace within 24 hours of each appointment. .
  4.  They must attend weekly status meetings at the workplace (unless they are medically unable) until they are back to work in their original job at full capacity.
  5.  Be available for medical appointments and company meetings during normal business hours.
  6.  Provide updates about their medical condition. Ask for details, don’t just accept that they are “feeling the same.”
  7.  Participate in the transitional duty program as required by policy.
  8.  Comply with all program policies. Make sure all of your policies are in writing and are easily available for the injured employee to access.
  9.  Sign an acknowledgement form stating they have been informed of and understand all requirements.