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Keeping up with risks of Cloud Computing.

Source: https://wrin.tv

Rick Betterley Reports: Keeping up with risks of Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing is growing in popularity within corporate IT departments. It can provide rapid access to technology support better customer service, and accelerate the introduction of new products.

Risk managers are trying to keep up with the Cloud Computing revolution to assess and properly manage the risks.  Here to walk us through the issues surrounding Cloud Computing is Rick Betterley.  He is author of The Betterley Report, which publishes research on technology and cyber risk.

In this discussion Rick talks about:

  • Is cloud computing as safe as in-house computing
  • Risks associated with Cloud computing
  • Does cyber insurance provide coverage for Cloud computing
  • Are compaines covered if the Cloud provider has a data breach

Rick Betterley’s Interview with WRIN.tv.