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Tony enjoys leveraging his strong sense of detail and communications skills in support of internal teams.

Tony has been a team member at Clearpath since August 2021. His diverse set of skills and interests has allowed him to be a dependable asset to all other team members and has been dubbed a “Human Swiss-army-knife” for the agency.

In addition to working with our consultants and account managers in the prospecting and renewal processes, Tony also loves creating informational tools and designs to help clients understand their benefits.


(614) 754-1829

Tony graduated from Capital University in 2019 with degrees in Music and Youth/Family Ministries and completed his masters from Methodist Theological School in Ohio in 2021 with specialization in Parish/Community Ministries. His graduate studies took a practical focus – creating music ministry for differently abled persons, and helping local churches create engaging and effective social media content.

While completing his Masters, Tony worked at a local church in Worthington. He created the weekly newsletter and bulletins and helped develop a strong online presence for the church during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Master of Arts, Parish & Community Ministry

Bachelor of Arts, Youth Ministry

Bachelor of Arts, Music

Adobe Creative Cloud Certificate, Columbus State Community College


Tony lives in the Central Ohio area with his wife who teaches elementary music. They met when she was the sweetheart of his music fraternity his freshman year. Their wedding, of course, was filled with musicians.

“Heavy Metal”

Tony is a member of Columbus Rings, a professional community handbell choir based in Central Ohio. He also runs their social media and is trying to get the group TikTok famous


One of Tony’s favorite trips was his honeymoon. He and his wife took a 12-day cruise through the British Isles – including Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and even a day in France! His favorite city from the trip was Glasgow and his favorite sight was Giant’s Causeway.

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