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Sandra Aman
As a passionate, hard-working entrepreneur turned HR and benefits professional, Sandra's favorite catch-phrase is ``Choose Your Battles!``

Sandra is a Benefit Enrollment Specialist with ClearPath who branched off into HR after running her own business for 17 years.

Over the past decade she has poured her grit and passion into helping people better navigate and understand their employee benefits.


(614) 754-1941

Sandra majored in Accounting during her college years, but later in her career found interest in HR and developed a passion for helping people within the HR and Benefits industry.

Accounting Major


Sandra’s passion is her family, children, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren.  She is always looking forward to the next family gathering, which always includes all the family dogs!


Sandra enjoys traveling with one of her favorite recent memories being a family trip to Italy!  While she found the sights were amazing, being able to spend 10 days together was her favorite part.

Giving Back

Since moving to Columbus, Sandra has spent time helping with the annual toy drive at Children’s Hospital.

The Best Path to Proven Employee Benefit and HR Strategies is Always ClearPath