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Denise's personal motto is: ``Floridian by birth, Gator by the grace of God.``

D enise has over 23 years of direct experience in the Human Resources field including Master’s degrees in both Vocational Counseling and Labor Relations.


(614) 754-1853

(614) 754-1854

D enise has work experience as a Human Resources and Management Senior Professional in Human Resources.
Additionally, Denise has over a decade of service as an Adjunct Professor at two universities where she has been awarded numerous teaching commendations.

Master's Degree in Labor Relations, Human Resources and Management from Ohio State University.

Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida in Psychology

Master's Degree from the University of Florida in Health Science with a concentration in Vocational and Rehabilitation Counseling


Denise was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Outside of work, Denise can be found with her two children, cruising around in her mini-van and zipping in and out of Kroger no less than 5 times per week.

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