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Your most valuable asset.

Our primary objective.

Average improved rate of retention among clients0%
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Our approach is practical, yet aggressive. From compliance and employee relations to more complex strategic challenges,  ClearPath HR is a true integrated partner for your HR needs.

Leveraging proven tactics, industry best practices, and an innovative, strategic approach, ClearPath HR empowers your human capital, all while maintaining corporate compliance with both state and federal labor laws and guidelines.

ClearPath HR partners with employers to understand your vision, your resources, and your challenges to build a strong foundation while providing the support and expertise needed to help your organization best utilize, mobilize, and engage a talented workforce.

Relationships are core to all we do. From how we start a conversation with someone to how we interact each day with those we serve, ClearPath HR recognizes the value of human connection in building trusted, long-lasting partnerships.

Whether your organization employs 8, 80 or 800, ClearPath HR offers insight and guidance to achieve your business objectives through effective management of your employee talent.

You work hard to empower your employees to be engaged and productive. ClearPath HR provides the resources to do it more efficiently and effectively.

ClearPath HR values the power of people. No organization can accomplish anything without its human capital. 

ClearPath HR delivers a talented team of passionate HR professionals, each with a wide variety of expertise and knowledge to share with you. We are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. ClearPath HR invests time in determining your needs, assessing your goals, and making strategic recommendations that will produce outcomes that are meaningful to you.

The HR practitioners at ClearPath HR are driven by your success. We exist to work with you and for you. We exist to empower your organization with an engaged, confident, and compliant workforce.