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You empower your employees to be productive and engaged everyday;
ClearPath provides the resources to do it more efficiently and effectively.

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ClearPath HR provides consulting and project-based services to organizations that would not otherwise have a need or the resources to employ strategic human resource talent. We seek to support the company’s overall mission and operational goals with best practices and innovative strategies that guide the organization’s human capital, all while maintaining corporate compliance with both state and federal labor laws and guidelines.

Whether your organization employs 8, 80 or 800, ClearPath HR can offer the guidance and tactics to achieve business objectives through effective management of your employee talent. Starting with the construction of a strong foundation of compliance and then moving on to more creative and inventive approaches to human resource management, ClearPath HR can offer expertise, solutions and practices that will enable your organization to achieve success.

Our approach is practical, yet aggressive.  From compliance to employee relations to more strategic needs, ClearPath is a true, integrated partner for your HR needs.

ClearPath HR has the privilege of serving organizations in a variety of industries. The exciting part of working across so many industries is that there are often applicable strategies that transcend industry verticals. Although some modification is often needed, once a strategy has proven successful, it can often be utilized in another industry or arena with equally impressive results. Creating these strategies and creating opportunities rather than roadblocks for employers is what motivates us here at ClearPath HR.

Depending upon the current size of your organization and the company’s objectives, ClearPath HR can provide a broad or narrowly defined service to help you achieve those goals. Some employers struggle with various aspects of managing their human resources while others have a competent understanding of the basic premise of human resource management but experience frustration with the more strategic methods by which to better utilize their employee talent. Regardless of which category you might find your organization a part of; there is a never-ending stream of employee and organizational related matters to address.

Below you will find a listing of some of the services available within empower™.
  • Human Resource Audits
  • Employment Law Compliance
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Benefits & Compensation Design
  • Training & Development
  • Policy & Procedure Development/Employee Handbook Design
  • Recruitment & Staffing
  • Employee Retention, Reward and Recognition
  • Coaching & Counseling
  • Organization Development

Practical Knowledge and Professional Answers
Call our Human Resources Assistance Line at (614) 857-6420 for help! For long-term and complex projects, Empower™ Advisors can provide a project plan with estimated costs and timelines to help you and your company accomplish those tasks.

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