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Foster a Culture of Engaged, Informed Benefits Consumers

Keeping employee communication efforts consistent is difficult all in itself, but adding that you actually want employees to listen, learn and engage with the message is extremely challenging. Employees are diverse, and therefore the dynamics on how different employees will be receptive to different messages and communication methods is just as diverse. Factors such as content/context, time sent, delivery method and relevance all play a huge role in effective communication. Amplify™ is the ClearPath formula for creating quality benefit consumers from your family of employees.

Percent of Employees Do Not Understand Their Benefits

A recent survey revealed that 40% of employees do not understand their benefits. Bridging that communication gap can be a daunting task, particularly when laid on top of an already overfull plate. Help your employees sharpen their 'benefits vision' by leveraging the expertise of the ClearPath team.


Percent of Employees Do Not Understand How They Impact Healthcare Cost

Another recent survey conducted also revealed that employees are naive when it comes to understanding how their benefit utilization, behaviors and health impacts the overall company healthcare cost.

Bridge the Gap to Effective Employee Communication

An effective communication strategy must be unique to your organization, your benefits plan and your company culture.

The ClearPath team will partner with you to ensure you not only have a clear vision of where you have been, but a clearly defined, actionable strategy for the future.

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Effective Employee Communication FAQ

Benefit plans are detailed and complicated. What's most important to our employees?

Employees are more focused on how premiums will impact their paychecks, than which plan options are actually beneficial to their life situations. The complicated summaries are overwhelming and confusing, causing them to strictly focus on face-value cost and use.

Creating interactive sessions that educate your employees through small digestible chunks of information will allow them to process the message, develop relevant questions, retain the information and become better insurance consumers.

Our broker covers all the information during open enrollment. Isn't that the best way to go?

Although open enrollments are necessary to educate the masses, your plan participants need the opportunity and resources to ask real questions.

Studies show that only 14% of people with health insurance can explain the basic four: Deductible, co-payments, co-insurance and out-of-pocket-maximums. Learning not only these basics but how they factor into cost for themselves (and your organization) needs to be delivered consistently throughout the year via a long-term communication strategy.

We are talking but our employees aren't listening...

A successful communication plan must root itself in targeting engagement. Deploy a strategy that puts health ownership in the hands of employees and watch engagement rise and consumerism increase.

Plan participants who have a solid understanding of the ramifications of choosing between A, B and C on their personal lifestyles become more empowered and more engaged. You can accomplish such engagement through short, repetitive messaging that encourages interaction.

How do I do this? I am already over tasked!

That is where ClearPath comes in. We will develop the communication strategy for you and partner with you to ensure your employees are well educated throughout the year; keeping them engaged and active in their benefits program.

Should I create a Year-Round plan?
You should work with your advisor to create a 12, 24 and 36 month plan.
Is it necessary to 'dumb it down'?

Taking the time to truly educate your employees will pay off in spades.

Take the time to explain the business realities of group employee benefits changes and goals, so that employees can be empowered to make an impact. Provide employees with the context to help them understand difficult changes, such as unwelcome increases and benefits changes.

What other benefits could changes like this hold for my company?

More effective communication with employees about their group benefits will not only help them to better utilize the health benefits program at your organization, saving both employees and your company money, but can also reduce employee anxiety, improve employee satisfaction and engagement, and increase employee loyalty and retention.

ClearPath recognizes your organization encompasses a range of ages, technological proficiency and accessibility.

At ClearPath, we ensure that there are multiple ways to engage while maintaining your company culture through our custom benefit portals and easy to understand employee benefit guides.

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