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How to Motivate Your Team During Crunch Time

How do employers keep an eye on employee stress levels while still motivating employees during crunch time? Read this blog for tips on keeping teams motivated during busy, stressful times.

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Implementing AI Technology for HR

Advancements in technology are creating several new opportunities for HR managers to lead towards their company’s growth. Read this blog post to learn more about artificial intelligence and what it is doing for companies.

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New drug plan would curb exorbitant pharmaceutical costs

California Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a plan to reduce pharmaceutical costs for California state residents. Read this blog post to learn how California is trying to influence the decrease of pharmaceutical drugs.

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The ClearPath Advisor – January 2020

Are you up-to-date on all things compliance? Check out this month’s ClearPath Advisor for monthly compliance alerts, educational articles and upcoming events.

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New employee retention tool has four legs and goes ‘woof’

New employee retention tool has four legs and goes ‘woof’ Did you know: petting a dog for 10 minutes can reduce stress. When petting a dog, […]

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Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard at Work?

Did you know: Approximately 10 percent of Americans are considered ‘workaholics’. It is important to know the signs of being pushed too hard at work to ensure you are balancing your personal and professional lives. Read this blog post to learn the key signs of focusing too much time on work.

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The Treasury Releases 2019-2020 Priority Guidance Plan

The US Treasury and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released the 2019-2020 Priority Guidance Plan. The plan lists several priorities and guidance on the Cadillac tax. Read this blog post to learn more information.

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The Post-Holiday Funk Is Real

After the holiday season, getting back into a normal, energetic and motivated routine is difficult. The post-holiday funk is easy to fall into but is hard to get out of. Read this blog post to learn how to get out of the post-holiday funk.

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DOL Releases Advance Copies of Form 5500 and Related Instructions for 2019

Advanced copies of the Form 5500 Annual Return / Report and its related instructions have been released by the US Department of Labor. Read this blog post from UBA for more information.

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