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Employer-sponsored savings programs could be the future of financial wellness

Forty-three percent of hourly workers report having less than $400 in savings set aside for emergencies. For these workers, an accident or unexpected expense can be financially devastating. Read this blog post to learn more about employer-sponsored savings programs and how they could be the future of financial wellness.

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Tracking Employee Life Cycle

How to Human Resource (HR) professionals create a synchronized strategy from talent recruitment to retirement? The HR landscape is constantly changing. With each new generation that enters the workforce, expectations change. Read this blog post to learn more about tracking the employee life cycle.

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The “Official” Lowdown on Physical Activity

Where do you get tips or information on staying active? The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans is the official voice of authority when it comes to physical activity and health. Read this blog post for guidelines and recommendations from the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

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USPSTF Issues a Final Recommendation Giving PrEP an “A” Rating

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently issued a final recommendation, giving an “A” rating to preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment. Continue reading this blog post from UBA to learn what this final recommendation means.

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Auto-Enrolling Workers

Disability insurance is something that many employees will need one day in the future, but not something that many employees obtain. New studies are showing that it could be more beneficial for employers to offer auto-enrollment plans similar to auto-enrolling into a 401k plan. Keep reading the blog post below to learn more.

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Human Resource Crimes

That technology has evolved into what is now referred to as “deepfake” technology: a mix of AI and machine learning that allows users to alter videos, audios, and photos in powerful ways.

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Modern Workforce

No doubt you’re familiar with and experiencing the shifts in the talent pool, the complex demands of today’s modern workforce and the ever-increasing speed of business changes today. Human Resources is quickly changing and so are the demands.

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Research shows that benefits drive the attraction and retention of employees even more than compensation. When implemented the correct way, these perks can help draw diverse groups of workers. So if this is the case, why are so many packages not tailored to diversified workforces?

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Summer Fridays

Summer break has employees dreaming of sandy toes and backyard barbecues. Employers who give their workforce some extra time to enjoy some additional work-life balance may be making use of an inexpensive retention strategy, one expert says.

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