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The Miserable Middle Managers

With managers making multiple decisions a day, being pulled into various directions, having to handle administrative business along with leading a team of employees, the stress can become overwhelming. Stress often leads to symptoms of depression, which about eighteen percent of managers reported they have felt. Continue reading this blog post to learn tips on how to help managers overcome these feelings.

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Battle Tips to Win the War for Talent

With unemployment being at a historic low, employees are no longer struggling to find an ideal fit, but employers could be. An article from McKinsey Quarterly states that there could 40 million too few college-educated workers. Continue reading this blog from UBA to learn more.

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Older workers are staying in the job market. Here’s why

While the number of jobs being created is increasing, the number of workers over the age of 65 who are sticking around the job market is increasing as well. Continue reading this blog post to learn why.

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FDA Releases Proposed Rule on the Importation of Certain Drugs from Canada

There has been a proposed rule released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding prescription drugs from Canada. Continue reading this blog post to learn more.

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Viewpoint: Your First 90 Days as a New Manager

Becoming a new manager can be a scary moment, but it’s important to make the first 90 days of the transition create a valuable impression. Read this blog post to learn a few elements to make becoming a new manager a little less frightening.

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Employees are fearful of being replaced by automation

The use of automation and technology to train and improve employees’ skillsets are leaving employees worried. It is important to reassure them that the technology is not there to replace their jobs, but to improve the productivity throughout the company as a whole. Read this blog post to learn the benefits of robotic process automation and how it is helping employees.

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What employers need to know to combat coronavirus

With the topic of the coronavirus growing rapidly, it’s important for employers to communicate the importance of set protocols and procedures to reduce the spread of any illness throughout the workplace. Continue reading this blog post to learn more about the value of communication during this season.

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Employers: Make small talk with your remote workers

According to the Society for Human Resource Management 2019 Benefits Survey, sixty-nine percent of employers have allowed employees to work from home. With remote work becoming a trend within various companies, it’s important for employers to create a procedure for managing those they don’t see in the office. Read this blog post to learn more about managing remote employees.

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The ClearPath Advisor – February 2020

How can you reduce your benefits spend with coalitions? What’s new in the compliance world? Read this month’s ClearPath Advisor for compliance updates, educational articles and more!

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