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Leading. Advising. Clarifying.

Not your average employee benefit advisory firm, ClearPath has a mission to bring clarity and focus into a world largely driven by complexity and change. Choosing ClearPath means you gain a relationship with a team of dedicated advisors that combines a wealth of expertise and experience where guidance and strategy are second nature, as opposed to a simple broker or large brokerage without that same perspective or navigational sense for your goals and challenges as an organization.

The ClearPath Difference

ClearPath has an innate ability to navigate the employee benefits landscape along the best course for your company that will provide the most efficiency, best outcomes and happiest employees.  We work to embrace your goals as an organization and define a ClearPath, a precise plan, for reaching that destination successfully each and every time. 

The diversity of experiences year after year within the ClearPath team of experts allows them to be alerted to changes on the horizon and orchestrate a plan, so that you can always feel confident and secure in reaching your long term goals and objectives.  

Leveraging the power of our volume with carriers, allows ClearPath to provide our clients with choices and rates not available through other brokers. Setting ourselves apart begins with a relationship, is maintained through continuous service and is executed to benefit you in a way no other broker can deliver.

How We Provide A ClearPath

  • ClearPath will not only sense when the timing is right to assess different solutions, but also will orient you to plan and prepare for that transition if change is needed.
  • The ever-changing landscape of health care does not affect ClearPath's ability to see your options clearly. We embrace the 500-ft view and leverage it for our clients' benefit.
  • ClearPath does not rely only on one tactic to help you year after year, but on a collection of methods and diversity of experience.
  • ClearPath uses current year benchmarks to help you navigate through the plethora of options, because we are able to leverage the experiences of our entire book of clients, as well as the book of clients of a nationwide group of advisors to ensure you are getting the most creative and best solutions for your specific goals and budget.
  • The evolutionary engagement that ClearPath represents is the result of many years of experience spent developing this directional sense.
  • ClearPath is consistently educating and staying abreast of new mandates and rules so that we can alter your plan and process to avoid costly hazards and inefficiencies.

"For every complex problem, there is a solution that is clear and simple. However, often we need to recognize it will take an expert to help us discover it."