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Employee Benefits: It’s not what you say, but how you say it

The benefits that an employer offers not only play a big role in a prospect is deciding where to work but also can reflect on that employer’s reputation. In a study done by Unum 81% of employees polled gave their employee high markings if benefits were communicated properly. Less than 25% rated their employers favorably if benefits had not been communicated properly.

From paternal leave, to vacation, and even wellness programs these benefits will play a major role in an employee’s life. In a study by Thomson’s Online Benefits, more than 53% of the 700 participants wanted their benefits communicated to them around major life events. While just 26% of respondents said that their employer currently communicated their benefits around major life events.

The study performed by Thomson’s Online Benefits also discovered that:

* 80% of employers consider employee engagement as their top objective of the benefit programs offered at work.

* 66% of respondents also want benefits communicated around promotions and performance reviews.

* 70% of employers use print media to deliver benefit information, while only 19% of employees respondents cared to receive benefit information through print.

* 76% of employee respondents want face-to-face with their employer during benefits communication.

While some companies have had success in communicating via print materials, this world of ever evolving technology calls for employers to communicate the benefits that they offer in an effective manner to reach and engage their employees.

Here are some helpful ways to communicate benefits to help increase the morale and retention among employees.

* Employee benefits website

* Face to face meetings

* Sending information to the employees’ homes

* Personalize the information

* Offer webinars to go more in depth

These are just a few examples of different ways to communicate your benefits that can be crucial towards developing a strong workforce.