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3 practices for better employee benefits communication

In an ever-evolving world of connectivity, effective communication is key. As the employee benefits environment becomes more connected, firms must be able to communicate properly with both their benefit advisors as well as their employees. As more firms move away from the one-size fits all approach and begin to focus on the individual, proper communication channels are more necessary than ever before to allow employees to best understand the resources available to them.

Here are three great ways to communicate your benefits to your employees.

Communicate In Small Bites

Most firms believe that the best way to communicate available benefits is to blast out the information all at once. While this might ease the burden on a firm’s HR department, the employees, on the other hand, are usually left overwhelmed and underinformed. With multiple forms, lengthy materials, and limited time spent reviewing the information, the employee is bound to overlook important benefit guidance that they need.

The best way to combat this information overload is to communicate benefit information throughout the course of the year. This prevents employees from feeling overwhelmed, while allowing them to comprehend the key information about the benefits offered.

Make Your Benefits Relevant

No two employees are the same and a firm must be able to accommodate each employee under their umbrella of benefits. While a personalized approach to employee benefits might be beneficial to the firm, it can cause a lot of confusion among the employees. Since most employees are not experts in the world of benefits, utilizing available communication channels to communicate effectively is key. By putting to use channels such as meetings, websites, and email, a firm is able to efficiently communicate their benefit information across relevant platforms for the best understanding of benefits. By utilizing tools like biometric health

screenings and surveys, an employer can asses employees to discover which benefits would work best for them.

Accommodate Everybody

Thanks to the rise of the internet and globalization, firms now have access to employees across the world. With employees more places than ever before, a firm’s HR department must be able to handle different needs of the global workforce. In order for communications to be effective, firms mustn’t focus their benefits specifically on employees at headquarters but must be able to reach each employee across the globe. By using tools like video conferencing, online forums, and employer websites, firms can spread any and all relevant information concerning their benefits to each of their employees. Good benefit communication must be able to effectively engage the employees without overloading or boring them with the information.

In the ever-changing world of employee benefits, communication is key to helping each employee understand pertinent benefit information.