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Why United Benefit Advisors®?

United Benefit Advisors® is a Partner-owned alliance of more than 140 premier independent benefit advisory firms with more than 200 offices throughout the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Since 2002, UBA Partner Firms have combined their collective power and coordinated resources to obtain the most competitive rates and enhanced employer services through a sea of insurance carriers and technology providers. By collaborating with more than 2,000 experienced benefits professionals, UBA Partner Firms deliver ideas, expertise, and best-in-class solutions that positively impact employers and make a real difference in the lives of their employees and families.

A Trusted, Proven Relationship.

To be part of UBA, Partners must have a proven track record of financial success, experience, and integrity. UBA Partner Firms strive to be the most trusted and most reliable benefits experts in their individual market. As a combined group, UBA’s annual employee benefit revenues rank it as one of the five largest employee benefit brokerage organizations in the United States.

As a UBA Partner firm, we provide you access to time and money-saving tools to help your business. Clearpath provides clients with access to sophisticated, actuarially developed tools that deliver employers necessary information to manage plan costs and help your business find the best and most cost-efficient employee benefit plans.

An advantage of independent, local UBA Partner firms is our ability to offer personalized service and assistance in designing the custom benefits packages that work in your local market. Having access to UBA’s shared wisdom and national survey data allows Partner Firms to be aware of local and national trends to always be on the lookout for the most innovative ways to solve employee benefit challenges. As a national organization, Partner Firms can create unique benefits packages for companies that have locations in multiple states and can help employers who are relocating or expanding.

Educational Sessions

Stay up-to-date on the latest compliance requirements and HR-related topics with our monthly webinars powered by UBA. These hour-long sessions cover the top employer-related issues that can help you streamline tasks and provide you with best practices to protect your company and strengthen your bottom line.

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Compliance Alerts

Learn about major changes to labor laws when they happen with the UBA Compliance Alerts. These email alerts, crafted by labor law firm Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP, inform you of changes to labor and benefits law and let you know what you need to do immediately to remain compliant.

Downloadable Resources
UBA Benchmarking
UBA Partners and their clients help produce an annual health plan benchmarking survey that includes responses from over 8,000 employers across the country sponsoring over 14,000 health plans covering more than a million employees nationwide. It is by far the most comprehensive, validated survey of medical plan design and plan costs ever conducted. The UBA Health Plan Survey provides small to midsize employers with valuable benchmarking data that previously were only available to large corporations. By using this data, advisors who are Partners of UBA can help employers more accurately evaluate costs, contrast the current benefit plan’s effectiveness against competitors’ plans and adjust accordingly.

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