Can I Customize Data To Fit Me?

Why Should I Customize the Benchmark Data To Fit Me?

To strategize…
Customized benchmark data helps to strategize about what level of benefits you want to offer. Do you want a richer benefits package or is it time for a change that aligns you with your peers?

To manage costs….
It helps develop a plan of action to budget for potential increases in health insurance premiums instead of just being ‘satisfied’ with a sudden 15 percent or higher increase.

To showcase value…
Custom benchmark data provides insights to make the right decisions moving forward to ensure employees have the most competitive or comparable benefits package in their industry. But most importantly provides the data to communicate to employees the tremendous value you are offering.

• Per-employee, per-year total cost, employer cost, employee cost.

• Employee contributions as a dollar and percentage of the premium paid

• Plan design, including co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums

• Premium increases
1. A copy of your medical plan summary of benefits.

2. The most recent month’s health insurance bill.

3. The schedule of employee contributions.

Where will you stand against competitors?

Customize My Data Now!